Kunzwana # 1 documentary CD released

We are happy to anounce that finally the Kunzwana # 1 documentary CD has been released. It covers a selection of the best recordings of Kunzwana # 1 live concerts on tour in Southern Africa in May and in Austria in July this year.

The CD is dedicated to remember and honour both key figures in this ongoing cultural exchange, Keith Goddard and Paul Brickhill. At the same time we are proud to highlight another achievement in our collaboration with Pamberi Trust. Our joint Kunzwana project has proofed to be most relevant and will hopefully spark further ideas and collaborations.

Penny Yon and Ian White, our partners and collaborators at Pamberi Trust just wrote: "What a wonderful conclusion to Kunzwana #1 - the cover is great and we look forward to receiving and having the chance to listen carefully and enjoy! Thanks Werner for great photography and design work throughout. Thank you for the dedication to Paul Brickhill as well as Keith Goddard.."

This documentary CD production is not a commercial one. It will foremost serve the purpose of promoting our ongoing cultural exchange in general and the musicians involved. Any contributions and donations received beyond covering costs will be ploughed back into further cultural exchange activities.

best wishes

Peter Kuthan
Austria-Zimbabwe Friendship Association AZFA