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Florence and her friend Nyasha are two 15 year old girls who live in a little village in Rhodesia. We are in 1975 and the "Chimurenga" (the war for independence) is raging. One night a group of "freedom warriors" come in to pick up volunteers. Florence, who likes action, and Nyasha, the intellectual, decide to enroll. From now on they will be known as "Flame" and "Liberty".

Directed by: Ingrid Sinclair
Written by: Ingrid Sinclair, Barbara Jago
Starring: Dick 'Chinx' Chigaira, Robina Chombe, Sithembiso Gumbo, Jackie Jojo, Marian Kunonga, Norman Madawo, Ulla Mahaka, Moise Matura
Produced by: Simon Bright, Joel Phiri
Original Music by: Keith Goddard


Keith Goddard in OutRage!

“It is therefore with great sadness that I learn of the continuing harassment of the human rights group, Gays & Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ), in particular the arrest of GALZ leader, Keith Goddard, on charges of forced sodomy - despite the police possession of evidence that the alleged "victim" had been attempting to blackmail and extort money from Goddard. Knowing Keith Goddard personally, it is inconceivable that he would ever use sexual force or pressure. He is a most gentle, considerate man, to whom any form of coercive sex would be abhorrent. Personally, and on behalf of the lesbian and gay human rights group OutRage!, I urge you to intervene to ensure that these absurd, unjust and uncorroborated charges against Keith Goddard are dropped.”

Peter Tatchell / OutRage! In a letter to Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe

Keith Goddard : the human rights activist and change agent

Keith Goddard and KUNZWANA Trust have always been committed to the promotion and dissemination of the human rights creed. He and the organisations he was working for have had no choice but to react in the strongest terms against the atrocities committed against the Ndebele people and the continuing gross violations of the rights of individuals in Zimbabwe. Furthermore KUNZWANA Trust has been supporting the ever-growing number of local performing artists who are committed to promote the fundamental principles of social justice and human rights.

Keith was also Director of the Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ), an organisation which represents a community subjected to intense discrimination, harassment and violence, all of which is sanctioned and encouraged by the organs of state. GALZ's activities and cultural projects are intended to dismantle the prejudice and demonstrate forcibly that homosexuals co-exist within African cultures and are deserving of the same rights as others in society. Keith oversaw the setting up of a counselling hotline and started HIV/AIDS campaigns. Representing GALZ, Keith also sat on the board of the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (ZHR). There is a distinct linkage between his commitment for the promotion of social justice and human rights in general and for minority rights in particular.

The climax of cultural exchange: Parade at the European Capital of Culture, Linz 2009

“ 'Parade' is a three-day music-and-movement event which will cover the outskirts of Linz from 1st - 3rd May 2009 in different soundworlds. It ignores the traditional understanding of parade as a military display of disciplined marching in straight lines and in strict tempo, as well as the exotica of parades, which are often reinforcing stereotypical views. In academic terms, the concept may be regarded as ”deconstructing the image of the other” and countering the idea of musical extravaganza.”

Keith Goddard describing the basic concept of Parade as part of Linz09 European Capital of Culture


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Austrian Education Highway featuring Tonga.Online

(Sunday, 14 November 2004)

The Education Highway is keen to promote school partnerships and e-mail exchange between pupils in Austria and Zimbabwe, especially pupils of Binga High have been invited to join.

There will be a live and online discussion with Peter Kuthan, chairman of Austria Zimbabwe Friendship Association, on 23rd November, 10 am.

The Austrian Education Highway – based in Linz - is a special Internet Service Provider and ICT Innovation Centre catering for more than 600 schools in Austria. They are currently running a project to promote learning and discussion about development issues in schools focusing on UN Millenium Development Goals. Every month from September 04 until May 05 another developing country and local development project will be highlighted. Zimbabwe, respectively Tonga.Online is featured prominently there from early November onwards.

Tonga.Online @ Ars Electronica 2004

In 2004 the Tonga.Online project received an Award of Distinction from the prestigious Prix Ars Electronica 2004, in the category "Digital Communities". The award was handed over by Austrian Secretary of State for the Arts and Media Franz Morak in New York City’s Metropolitan Pavilion on 23 June 2004 in conjunction with the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit.