Cultural exchange

Tribute to our late friend and partner Paul Brickhill, Director of Pamberi Trust and Book Cafe, Harare

On behalf of Austria-Zimbabwe Friendship Association I would like to add our deepest condolences and sorrow at learning the sad news of our friend and partner Paul's passing on 3rd October in Johannesburg.

In mid August, after eight days in intensive care and being diagnosed with cancer he was still determined to live and fight on, as he wrote then: "I feel myself utterly blessed, and in many ways too; this extraordinary, rich life, an African life, ... I fight on. A luta continua! African struggles, emancipation and life itself!" Sadly he has lost this fight but his vision and legacy lives on.

Kunzwana # 1 documentary CD released

We are happy to anounce that finally the Kunzwana # 1 documentary CD has been released. It covers a selection of the best recordings of Kunzwana # 1 live concerts on tour in Southern Africa in May and in Austria in July this year.

Exhibition in Austria: „one man – one note“ - recalling Siachilaba

Invitation to an exhibition and two concerts reflecting on the narratives and interplay of

20 years of cultural exchange between Austria and the Tonga people

12th June – 19th July 2015 at Kunsthaus Deutschvilla in Strobl / Wolfgangsee / Austria


It is now close to 20 years since our late friend and composer Keith Goddard took some Austrian musicians on a journey to Siachilaba to encounter the amazing Ngoma Buntibe music of the Tonga people. With his notion of „one man – one note“ Keith referred not only to this „most extraordinary texture of sound“ but also to the impressive resilience of Tonga culture struggling against great odds.

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