The collection: Aims and purpose

"KUNZWANA comes from the Shona word nzw(an)a which means
listening, hearing and understanding one another."
- Keith Goddard

The Keith Goddard Collection aims to collect, archive, study, disseminate and promote the legacy of the late Keith Goddard as a composer, cultural promoter and activist for human rights and social justice. Thereby the collection encompasses close to twenty years of collaboration between Southern Africa and Europe, between artists and other people in Austria and Zimbabwe for the promotion of intercultural respect, dialogue and exchange as it was organised jointly by Austria-Zimbabwe Friendship Association and Kunzwana Trust.

The Keith Goddard Collection establishes an easily accessible resource base of information and knowledge about the vision and the context, the approach and methodology of this cultural exchange. Its goal is to create a platform for reflections, learning and debate which should serve as an inspiration for further artistic production and collaboration. At a later stage a summary publication is envisaged. We call upon friends, colleagues and fellow artists to contribute and share their memories and ideas on this website.

The Keith Goddard Collection is a collaboration between Pamberi Trust in Harare / Zimbabwe and Austria-Zimbabwe Friendship Association in Linz / Austria encompassing the wider vision of our past and future cultural exchange and the legacy of Keith Goddard alike.