Hivos HO The Hague

Dear Friends at GALZ

It is with great sorrow that we received this weekend the news of Keith's passing away. We will miss Keith. At Hivos, many of us have come to know and work with him over the past years. For Hivos, supporting the struggle for gay rights and the fight against aids is part of our wider mission of promoting development, human rights and an inclusive society.

Keith shared that vision well as his broad scope of activism evidences. If on the one hand we claim (as donors usually do) that Hivos supports local organisations, on the other hand we realise it is only fair to recognize how the Hivos LGBT and Aids Programme in Zimbabwe - and beyond - has greatly relied on the inspirational and innovative example of the work of GALZ and its deceased director.
We wish the team of GALZ all strength in coping with this tragic loss. We are confident that the best way of paying tribute to his legacy, is to keep the good work going.

From Hivos HO The Hague:

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